The Superbrands Publications

Superbrands publications can be read online in an eBook. Select a country or territory from the drop down menu to read the Superbrands publications.

Superbrands is a global publishing, media and communications business which operates in more than 85 countries around the world. Our publications pay tribute to the strongest and most valuable brands in the market. Over the years we have published more than 20,000 presentations for the strongest and most valuable brands in the world through more than 400 separate Superbrands books.

To present these brand stories further we also create brand videos for our clients which can be seen at Millions of consumers around the world have watched these interesting and unique brand presentations. What makes a Superbrand? What creates the awareness, desirability and power that a Superbrand has? With the help of the Superbrands Councils and the companies themselves, we compile the stories of these Superbrands and the innovation and prestige that surround them.

As well as the Superbrands’ stories themselves, you will discover what makes a Superbrand according to the members of the Superbrands Council. The Council consists of some of the nation’s most eminent media and communications executives, each sharing their deep appreciation of what constitutes that rare and so valuable thing – a Superbrand.

When we first launched Superbrands back in 1995, we were uncertain how successful the concept would be. We soon found that senior executives in advertising, marketing, brand management and in the media all wanted copies. Students of marketing and branding snapped the books up. Even consumers, with no direct involvement in branding, were fascinated by the information the book provided, and they have bought thousands of copies of Superbrands in the markets where we have published.

In retrospect, we should not have been surprised. The brands featured in our publications are an integral and important part of all of our lives. And while a great brand is a maker’s mark, it is also so much more. It is almost an heraldic symbol, with it a whole web of positive associations. Never underestimate the power of symbols: put them on national flags and people will die for them.